Journeys through Space and Time (01:51)

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The film 'Journeys through Space and Time' is designed to be an immersive experience that looks at the literal and figurative association of a journey with change in space and time. It explores change in direction, perspective, and repeating patterns nature by placing the viewer in the center of a virtual 3D kaleidoscope.

Made in Autodesk Maya

Music by Jesper Ankarfeldt

December 2017

Designed for IMAX 

Designed for the Oculus Rift in Stereoscopic 3D

Screenings and Selections

Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece 2020

Video Installation at CTAO Gallery, Italy 2019

The Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska 2018
Inshort Film Festival, London 2018

Balkan Can Kino, Greece 2018

9th China International New Media Short Film Festival, 2018

Pakistan International Film Festival, Islamabad 2018

Cefalu Film Festival, Italy 2018

Art All Night - Trenton: 6th Annual Film Festival, New Jersey 2018
USC's First Frame, The Darryl Zanuck Theater Fox Studios, Los Angeles 2018

Experimental Realities, Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles 2018

Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual, Mexico 2018

Colorlab's Summer Shorts, Rockville 2018

Film School Shorts, San Francisco 2018