Ankita is a designer and animator based in LA. She focuses on motion design and editing in 2D and 3D media, for a variety of platforms such as commercials, social media, projection and live events. Currently she is working as an animator/motion designer at Mediamonks, LA.




Software Skills

Adobe Suite (Ps Ai Ae Pr An), Cinema 4D, Maya, Touch Designer, Houdini, TV Paint, Motion Builder

Worked with

21st Century Fox, HBO, The Getty Museum, Motionographer, MTV, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mousetrappe, Pacific Asia Museum, Xite Labs, GLAS Animation, Reliance, Paperboat Animation Studios, Trip Creative Services

Featured work at

ABC News, Motionographer, 24th Webby Awards, Anima, Anim'est, FantocheAnim!Arte, Giphy, Loop de Loop, GLAS Animation, USC Animation, USC’s First Frame, Times of India, The Indian Express, The Daily Bhaskar

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